19 Tweetable Rebranding Mistakes

The following are common pitfalls of company decision makers going through an organizational rebrand. Are you an offender?

#1 – Clinging to history. What was true then may not be true now. Look to expand, reposition & revitalize

#2 – Thinking the brand is the logo. A brand is perception, experience, quality, look, feel, communications, etc.

#3 – Navigating without a plan. Consider goals, target markets, budget/resources, stakeholders & metrics for assessing

#4 – Only considering assistance from agencies w/experience in your industry. The opposite can be ideal for a fresh perspective.

#5 – Not leveraging existing brand equity & goodwill. You risk alienating established customers.

#6 – Not trying on your customer’s shoes. Call the main line, navigate your website, buy your products and return some.

#7 – A superficial facelift. The new story must be believable given the existing brand experience and customer perception.

#8 – Not planning ahead for adaptation. It’s not over until it’s implemented in a standardized fashion. Gotta roll it out!

#9 – Bypassing the basics. Keep all customer touch points in mind when rebranding. First communication, invoicing, etc.

#10 – Revamping your brand to emulate a popular brand or a brand of a direct competitor.

#11 – Ignoring opinions of front line staff. They interact with your clients the most and can have valuable insight.

#12 – Forgetting that people don’t do what they say. Observing clients brings you closer to the truth than focus groups.

#13 – Getting strong-armed or intimidated by consultants. You still know the most about your brand and organization.

#14 – Putting the wrong person in charge. Make sure your internal point person has time, resources & project mngt skills.

#15 – Strategy by committee. Keep those with approval authority to a shortlist. Don’t have too many cooks in the kitchen.

#16 – Rebranding without research. Employees, customers and prospects should be sounding boards.

#17 – Basing a rebrand on advertising. Brand strategy should lead advertising – not the other way around.

#18 – Tunnel vision. When rebranding, pull in thinking from leaders of different industries.

#19 – Believing you’re too small to rebrand. Big or small, every brand needs refreshing to stay relevant as markets evolve.

Define your brand or be defined. HT @GradeAFresh #branding

What are we missing? Let us know mistake #20!

 This article was originally published with InTheCapital.

Source: rebrand.com

Photo Source: thejrexpress.com 

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