5 Tips to Developing a Sales Force that will Keep Your Clients Coming Back

November 22, 2013

Find me the business that says client relations is a waste of time, and I’ll find you a business that no longer exists. Client relations are a huge lifeline for all businesses, and it is high on the list of responsibilities for sales and account representatives.

  1. Put Your Best People Up Front: It’s critical that you, as the business owner, understand who has the best traits for great customer service. You know who your employees are and their strengths. Use the one (s) with the most positive attitude, polished image, great listening and problem solving skills, and put them in charge of relating to your clients. Knowing your employee’s strengths will reduce friction between you and them; they and your customers.
  2. Listen and Learn: It’s so important to understand your clients beyond their purchasing habits. Customers give critical cues that your reps need to be aware of. Many customers are brand loyal, however, if your company leaves a bad taste in their mouths, they’ll either choose you less, or not choose you at all anymore. Make sure there is a person following up with your clients, and, if there is an issue, that it is handled delicately, efficiently, and is followed upon to ensure customer satisfaction. 
  3. Be Your Customer: Put yourself in their shoes and make a list of all the ways their overall experience with your company can be more satisfying. Ask yourself what you would want to see in a company and team, and how you can apply those needs in your own brand. If you don’t care enough about your own company, why would your customers? Become the company you want to have long term success with your brand.
  4. Focus on Creating Relationships: Keeping in touch with your clients (so long as you don’t overdo it) is critical in brand loyalty. Involving customers in decisions on marketing, new products, and how you offer your services, will make your clients feel as though they are a part of the success of your company (and will make them feel as though they now have a vested interest in your brand). Have your reps talked to your clients with a true sense of understanding to help better your brand.
  5. Be Available: Your sales rep is the face of your company to those he or she is interacting with. They need to make it very clear they want your customers business. No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t make them feel important or appreciated. To maintain clients, all representatives of your company need to show their desire to keep the client happy through their actions. It’s very important you and your employees are on the same page in what you consider the best approach to your customer’s needs. 

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