This article was originally published in Executive Travel Magazine with the slightly more optimistic title Sales Team Management Secrets:

The success of a sales team is inextricably linked with the team’s management strategies. Sales managers tend to be vocal in reference to the underperformance of their sales teams, but they don’t always reflect on their own contribution to their team’s shortcomings. As a manager, you have the power to influence your team’s performance through compensation, tools and practices, and the team’s success or failure ultimately is your responsibility. If you are managing a struggling sales team, check to see if the odor originates from you.

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There is no shortage of marketing software out there, and they all claim to help you promote, showcase, find and share more quickly and easily.  The options are overwhelming so I am going to narrow and provide you with some mobile applications (all with free versions) that will make your life easier. My picks will help you work on the go and increase productivity via a smooth user-interface.

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The following are common pitfalls of company decision makers going through an organizational rebrand. Are you an offender?

#1 – Clinging to history. What was true then may not be true now. Look to expand, reposition & revitalize

#2 – Thinking the brand is the logo. A brand is perception, experience, quality, look, feel, communications, etc.

#3 – Navigating without a plan. Consider goals, target markets, budget/resources, stakeholders & metrics for assessing

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Working with reporters can be scary, so we’ve put together a few rules to keep you on track.

#1 DON’T send a journalist several ideas at once. Options are fantastic, but think about the last time your colleague told you to pick the restaurant when you were already walking out for lunch. If instead your colleague asks, “How about x place?” You’d probably have had a stronger opinion and been more likely to jump at the suggestion or offer a counter-solution. Stories are the same way.

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Trying to find an attention-grabbing image to pair with your blog article or social media post?

We live in a visually driven, digital world. But unfortunately, many of the most powerful images are proprietary and costly. Original photography and graphic design is tops, but here are sites you can use to find the next best thing.

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My husband was recently in Singapore on business and the Public Service Announcements caught his attention, so he snapped this photo.

He texted it to me with the note, “You don’t see PSAs like this in the US. Ours usually say something along the lines of, ‘Please don’t stab each other.’”

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This video will make you cry harder than ever before… and then laugh.

48 life-altering hacks that you can learn in 10 minutes.

The most beautiful photo you’ll ever see of goblins.

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If great content exists on the web, but no one can find and read it, is it still great content? Unfortunately, it’s not. Great content doesn’t just read well; it reaches its target audience and compels them to take a desired action.

The right keywords can take your content from good to great because they put your writing in front of those who want and need to see it. And, it all starts with effective keyword research.

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Remember when Michael Jordan could sell just about anything and everyone would buy it just because he said so? He could sell underwear, shoes, cologne, and even Coke. If you didn’t use those products before, you would give them a chance, just because he said so, right?

Move forward to present day, and modern man. They’re texting, they’re tweeting, they’re on Facebook and they’re talking about what they like, don’t like, and what they think you should have.  They determine where fashion goes, where society goes, heck, even where votes go. It’s hard to imagine someone with that much time on their hand being a valuable asset to your company, right?

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When should I spend?  In a world of unlimited resources, you’d probably market you company on full throttle 24/7. But we’re not in that world, and often budgets need to be made months in advance. So how can you determine when you should invest more in marketing? The percent of your annual budget you spend on marketing should be determined by business development, not your bottom line — meaning that when times get tough, it’s not the time to cut. So without wanting to be on full speed year-around, when is the time to push a campaign?

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