The following are common pitfalls of company decision makers going through an organizational rebrand. Are you an offender?

#1 – Clinging to history. What was true then may not be true now. Look to expand, reposition & revitalize

#2 – Thinking the brand is the logo. A brand is perception, experience, quality, look, feel, communications, etc.

#3 – Navigating without a plan. Consider goals, target markets, budget/resources, stakeholders & metrics for assessing

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This video will make you cry harder than ever before… and then laugh.

48 life-altering hacks that you can learn in 10 minutes.

The most beautiful photo you’ll ever see of goblins.

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Have you ever seen the greatest movie Lindsay Lohan has ever made-Mean Girls? This was one of Tina Fey’s first screenplays, and probably the most accurate description of teenage culture. Unfortunately, the same delicate dance can also be applied to business culture and marketing. There are opposing sides (competition), cliques (fields/industries), the outsiders (new brands, not so great brands), and the popular group (the popular name brands). Read More

Everyone talks about what you should do to make the most of this network or that app. Today, I’m going to let you know what not to do on LinkedIn along with some practical tips. Read More

Hurricane Sandy ripped through the East Coast and caused an immense amount of damage. Many lives were lost, many homes were decimated, and thousands of lives were forever changed. There were people without power for nearly a month, miles of people waiting in line for gas, and the hope of all has slowly dwindled. We here in Virginia were not left unscathed. Many were without power for at least a day, and on a cold night with babies or children, it can feel like forever.

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Sixty-one percent of small businesses say they don’t see the ROI on social media, yet nearly half continue to spend more time on it. Why? Because it’s what you’re supposed to do – right? Not exactly. Giving you both control and third party validation, social media can be a phenomenal tool, but only when you make it work for your business.   Read More

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