You’ve just hit “publish” to send your baby out into the world (wide web). Your blog article is snappy, informative, and drips with pure, creative genius. You even selected an eye-catching graphic to give your readers a little something extra when they sit down to read your post.

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No one wants their website SEO to be a trainwreck, so let’s get a lesson on the top mistakes using gifs from Lindsey Lohan’s glory days. If she can make a comeback, so can you!

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If great content exists on the web, but no one can find and read it, is it still great content? Unfortunately, it’s not. Great content doesn’t just read well; it reaches its target audience and compels them to take a desired action.

The right keywords can take your content from good to great because they put your writing in front of those who want and need to see it. And, it all starts with effective keyword research.

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