Lessons from LiLo: Top 5 SEO mistakes

October 3, 2013

No one wants their website SEO to be a trainwreck, so let’s get a lesson on the top mistakes using gifs from Lindsey Lohan’s glory days. If she can make a comeback, so can you!

1) Overusing key words

Yes, Google does search for key words, but it looks for a host of other things, including how long users stay on a recommended site. If your content reads weird because it’s so stuffed with keywords, no one will stay on your site.

2) Having broken Links

Whenever I click a link on a website and it takes me nowhere I’m like:

(need new gif)

And you know what? So is everybody else. Google knows people hate broken links, so check your links often. Nay, religiously.

3) Repeating your titles and page descriptions

You want your page is indexed correctly, so make your titles speak to your content.  This goes for metadata too.

4) Using the wrong words or keywords

You need to think about what you audience will be searching, and make sure you’re not getting lost in industry speak. If you didn’t know about your service or product, how would you Google it? Probably as a phrase. So instead of using “fetch,” use “words we only know from movies.” For this page, “What are the top SEO mistakes” is better than “SEO mistakes.”

And we’re making an exception here by using a non-LiLo gif. However, Mean Girls is certainly a Lohan classic.

5) Your website isn’t crawlable

If a search engine can’t look through your website, it can’t use your site in its search results. How do you make your website crawlable? Good architecture, easy navigation, and accessible webpages.

Follow these tips and your SEO will be up in no time!


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