Marketing Frenemies! Social Media vs Print Media

October 3, 2013

Have you ever seen the greatest movie Lindsay Lohan has ever made-Mean Girls? This was one of Tina Fey’s first screenplays, and probably the most accurate description of teenage culture. Unfortunately, the same delicate dance can also be applied to business culture and marketing. There are opposing sides (competition), cliques (fields/industries), the outsiders (new brands, not so great brands), and the popular group (the popular name brands).The most prominent tools in the business culture are social media and print media. Print media was our only source for advertising since the beginning of advertising. Until the new girl-social media-came on the scene and stole print media’s thunder. Social media can reach globally and for nearly free, whereas print media is generally local, and can cost quite a bit. Most people are loyal to one or the other-not generally both. But, why not? Using both effectively can elevate your brand!

Before choosing to use both mediums, you need to make sure this is the right fit for you. Listed below are three key points to consider:

Do I Know You?: Before taking your first step, you must first understand your clientele. Do you appeal to an older generation? Do most of your clients fall into the young professionals group? Is your audience mostly made up of multi-taskers or empty nesters? Take into consideration what format they may have the most time for, and what they most likely will respond best to. Knowing your clients and their personalities will help you shape your marketing campaign.

I Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine….: Driving traffic is the bottom line in your marketing campaign, so why not use your print media to inform your customers about your online presence, and use your online presence to advertise printed coupons, or even a printed newsletter with special offers?

Working Together: It’s ok to keep in touch with your clients via email, or even by phone. But there’s a lot to be said in the connection made through a thank you card or a postcard reminder to your client. Humans respond to touch, and giving them something to hold will help them make a stronger connection to your brand.

Taking these points into consideration when marketing your brand will help you reach a wider audience. When it comes to snail mail, there are no spam folders or filters blocking your message. If your message is interesting enough, it will either sit on a kitchen counter or on a fridge held by a bunny magnet until the consumer is ready to contact you. There is a huge benefit in marketing your brand using both mediums. Social media can cost nearly nothing, and is easy to access. Your consumer can take the information when he or she is ready for it. Yes, both print and social media can work together; so long as you’re willing to try.

*Interested in learning more about how you can use both mediums in your marketing campaign? Contact me for a personalized consultation!

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