Grade A specializes in marketing support for clients in complex professional service industries.

A Hybrid Approach

Through our hybrid approach, we maximize your results by leveraging the interdisciplinary relationships between marketing, public relations, and sales. We help make your company’s efforts in each of these areas symbiotic and mutually reinforcing.  After all, your marketing, PR, and sales are either having a positive, supportive impact on each other or a negative, undermining influence. For example, if you have an effective website that is providing 10 qualified leads to your sales team per month, but your sales reps do not follow-up and work through a documented sales process, then you probably aren’t closing as many sales as you could be..  In other instances, your Marketing materials may not be exploiting all the valuable intelligence that your sales force has gathered.  Or maybe your Public Relations team and Sales teams are working from different playbooks, thereby creating confusion about your brand.  At Grade A, we identify opportunities to harmonize your marketing, sales, and public relations efforts so you can get the most out of each. 


It’s undeniably true that running a GREAT business is your best marketing. That’s why many companies can enjoy success for years without any traditional marketing initiatives. But eventually, every business grows to a point where it can benefit from professional marketing assistance. Maybe you’re launching something new or planning an event? (Read our article on When to Spend on Marketing).  No matter why you come to us, we’ll always start with some similar questions:  What are your goals?  Who are you targeting?  Sure the questions sound simple, however, coming up with honest answers is anything but.   Those answers form the foundation on which you make decisions and build strategy. And if you’re working from a shaky foundation, it’s hard to build! We can help you work through  these foundational questions so that your business plans are rock solid.  Here’s the first step.

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Public Relations

Do you want to get your story out there?  Most companies LOVE the idea, but they really only want publicity when it's on their own terms. Indeed, what CEO or VP of PR doesn’t yearn for the world to learn from credible sources just how special, important, or innovative their company is? Crude fact: Reporters do not like to write bubbly, contrived stories. But there’s good news: if you’re running a great business, there are lots of ways to get the word out about your company. Of course, there is the traditional press release and media pitching for coverage. However, there are many other ways to increase your company’s visibility and gain the attention of your target market. Have you applied for awards or recognition in your field? Do you host events, seminars or webinars? Grade A can help you find PR opportunities and act on them. 

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Many business owners struggle to find, foster and retain good sales professionals, and it could be they are simply not yet in the position to have a successful sales hire. Marketing will get prospects in the door, but they may all be for naught if you don’t have a solid sales process and the right resources in place to close new business . Grade A can help you standardize your approach and implement simple processes to keep you and your people accountable and make sure that all qualified leads and referrals are being attended to appropriately. 

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What is your company’s communication culture? How do your employees talk about your organization when they are out in public or with their friends and family? Does your company fulfill its brand promise? Do you have brand and message consistency in your communications with employees, investors, the community, and other stakeholders?    All businesses must market from the inside out. You have the power to turn your employees into raving evangelists, and you ought to use it!  Grade A helps you promote a consistent message among these different groups while also recognizing each group’s unique position, goals, and desires.

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Business Development

Isn’t business development the same as sales?  Short answer: No. Business Development (BD) goes beyond sales process, and it’s really all about relationships. The most common questions: What events should I go to? What groups should I join? Like most things, your BD plan should focus on quality not quantity. Though networking can be a main avenue fueling business development, you will need to go far beyond that. You might want to consider BD potential when joining the Board for a Nonprofit, and you definitely want to consider it when selecting strategic partners.  The most productive business development efforts are the supremely targeted ones so you want to spend your time, money and energy in the ways that will successfully develop business.  We help you hit the mark with your BD efforts.

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Every company needs a website, but not all websites are created equally, nor should they be.  On the most basic level (and every level above that), a website should be presentable and convey a clear message of your offering and its benefits. The requirements for an organization’s website depends on many factors.  The biggest question – On a scale of 1 through 10 (highest) - What is your desire to attract and convert new clients through the web. There are lots of other considerations: Will you need to regularly update content? Do you require customer logins? Does your site need to support e-commerce ? Grade A works with tons of talented web developers and designers and selects the best to fit your budget, style and project needs.

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We have all been annoyed by marketing emails, but it’s still a powerful way to stay top of mind and communicate with your audience. The good emails (we hope you like ours!) provide valuable information benefitting its recipients. Of course there’s always a sell (Come to my event! Buy my product! Subscribe to my service! Pay attention to me!), but your audience will be more likely to “buy” if you acknowledge and address their needs.  They might even start to look forward to your creative and informative emails. Grade A can help you promote your business while providing value to your audience through e-newsletters, announcements, and other e-campaigns.

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Social Media

#SocialMedia - It’s what everyone’s talking about these days…  Which networks should we use? How do we get more followers? Should we buy followers?  Can you actually make money through social media? How often should we post? At what times should we post? What should we be posting?! If social media is stressing you out, Grade A can help.

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