Trying to find an attention-grabbing image to pair with your blog article or social media post?

We live in a visually driven, digital world. But unfortunately, many of the most powerful images are proprietary and costly. Original photography and graphic design is tops, but here are sites you can use to find the next best thing.

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My husband was recently in Singapore on business and the Public Service Announcements caught his attention, so he snapped this photo.

He texted it to me with the note, “You don’t see PSAs like this in the US. Ours usually say something along the lines of, ‘Please don’t stab each other.’”

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So much of today’s television, advertising, and popular celebrities have embraced the homosexual community. There’s Glee, The New Normal, and Modern Family, just to name a few. There’s Neil Patrick Harris, Melissa Gilbert, Anderson Cooper, among many, many others, whom have stood proud of their orientation, as the rest of the general population claps (or jeers) in support (or not, but that’s not my point). There are so many advertisers now hopping on to the LGBTQ bandwagon. Some successfully, and some…not so much.

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