Trying to find an attention-grabbing image to pair with your blog article or social media post?

We live in a visually driven, digital world. But unfortunately, many of the most powerful images are proprietary and costly. Original photography and graphic design is tops, but here are sites you can use to find the next best thing.

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I used to work for an environmental organization whose update email was lacking. It was far too long, the subject line was always boring (“April 2013 Email Update” is a file name, not a subject line!), and there weren’t enough pictures. On the back end, the distribution list wasn’t segmented at all, meaning every person – donors, policy wonks, board members – got the exact same email at the exact same time. These subscribers don’t have the same reason for reading, so not segmenting the list was a missed engagement opportunity. Read More

You can’t talk email marketing without discussing click-through rates, the percent of unique subscribers that click a link in your email out of the total number of unique opens. CTR gives you an idea of how engaged your readers are, so it should be an integral metric in your email campaign. The first step in any marketing initiative should be setting a goal, but where to start?

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