Working with reporters can be scary, so we’ve put together a few rules to keep you on track.

#1 DON’T send a journalist several ideas at once. Options are fantastic, but think about the last time your colleague told you to pick the restaurant when you were already walking out for lunch. If instead your colleague asks, “How about x place?” You’d probably have had a stronger opinion and been more likely to jump at the suggestion or offer a counter-solution. Stories are the same way.

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This article was originally published in Executive Travel Magazine with the slightly more optimistic title Sales Team Management Secrets:

The success of a sales team is inextricably linked with the team’s management strategies. Sales managers tend to be vocal in reference to the underperformance of their sales teams, but they don’t always reflect on their own contribution to their team’s shortcomings. As a manager, you have the power to influence your team’s performance through compensation, tools and practices, and the team’s success or failure ultimately is your responsibility. If you are managing a struggling sales team, check to see if the odor originates from you.

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Here are seven tips networking tips in order of appearance, not necessarily importance:

1)     Resist the urge to arrive late. IF you are anxious, showing up on time will prove more calming. You can grab a drink, get adjusted, and you won’t walk into an overwhelming crowd and/or be bombarded right when you walk in.

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Find me the business that says client relations is a waste of time, and I’ll find you a business that no longer exists. Client relations are a huge lifeline for all businesses, and it is high on the list of responsibilities for sales and account representatives.

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Everyone talks about what you should do to make the most of this network or that app. Today, I’m going to let you know what not to do on LinkedIn along with some practical tips. Read More

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