The 4 Best Apps to Help You Keep Your Sh*t Together

April 21, 2014

There is no shortage of marketing software out there, and they all claim to help you promote, showcase, find and share more quickly and easily.  The options are overwhelming so I am going to narrow and provide you with some mobile applications (all with free versions) that will make your life easier. My picks will help you work on the go and increase productivity via a smooth user-interface.


Like its tagline says, this app helps you “remember everything.” Create notes and organize them into notebooks. You’ll never forget a genius blog idea, password, grocery item, or anything else ever again because you can search by key word and find all your notes on any topic. Evernote is a web-based system that is updated and synced in real time, so if you make a change or add a note on your computer, it will appear on your smart phone app almost immediately. Because there is a high probability that you will host sensitive information within this app, I would recommend taking the extra precaution of password-protecting your mobile device. Perhaps the best feature of the iPhone 5s is access through thumb print recognition. At least there’s something I won’t need Evernote to remember for me.


Buffer is far and away my most favorite social media application, and I’ve used a LOT of them. The user-friendly (and wallet-friendly) program allows you to post on most of the main social media networks (Twitter, Facebook profiles pages and groups, LinkedIn profiles pages and groups, Google+ page).  Depending on your account level, you can host 5-100 profiles at a time and even post to multiple channels simultaneously. Buffer’s functionality is continually increasing, and they recently introduced some fairly robust and cost effective analytics. Buffer even has a plugin for Chrome and Safari making it super simple to post interesting articles to your social media profiles.  You can share those posts immediately, set a post for a specific distribution time, or you can set up a buffer schedule and “toggle” your messages. Hootsuite is probably the most widely used app for social media posting and monitoring, but it’s expensive if you have multiple profiles and want to use the best features and it’s not very user-friendly. (Sidebar: Hootsuite does have some perks over Buffer. The app integrates with more networks including Myspace, Foursquare and Instagram among others. It also streamlines your newsfeeds and keyword feeds for customized viewing. Buffer does not do this at all, but that didn’t stop me from chucking Hootsuite and going full force with Buffer in 2014.) 


Feedly is an RSS feed aggregator that links directly to Buffer. I can’t tell you how amazing this is. The partnership makes it easy to locate, view, read and post articles on social media in fewer steps. With Feedly you can search blogs, publications or topics and then save those searches as a category. For example, I have a large, National construction company as a client. One thing I assist them with is social media strategy and implementation. In order to locate worthy news and articles to post on the company’s behalf, I conducted multiple searches in Feedly for key phrases like “commercial real estate DC” and “architecture trends” which helped me locate sources on those topics. Then, I was able to check them out and save the ones I like to a category stream that I named for the company. When I am looking for social media posts for this client, I can turn straight to its category. When I see a post in the stream that strikes my fancy, I just click the Buffer insignia to generate a social media post. Then, I may choose to edit the post, tag profiles or add hashtags. Right in Buffer, I can designate any and all network profiles on which I would like that post to appear. Some other categories I have named in Feedly aside from client’s names include: DC Local, Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneurship and many more. 

Smartr Contacts

On the web, this program is called Xobni. Xobni is a plugin for Outlook and Google. Once you activate the plugin, you can download the app and you will never be without someone’s contact information. If a person has ever even emailed, that person’s email will be saved and searchable in Smartr contacts. The application seamlessly integrates each contact’s information and social media profiles, although you can edit and add information as you wish. Further, it even shows you your email history with that person (every email exchanged) and your common connections in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon-like way. Even better, Xobni quietly released the feature everyone was waiting for: You can download your super comprehensive list of contacts. It’s a spammer’s dream, and the reason they waited almost 6 years to institute the function. I am counting on you to be responsible with this information. Don’t make me regret it.

I hope this mini overview gets you as excited about these apps as I am, whether you are a marketer or not. What are your favorite apps? 

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