The New Listening: Hear Your Clients and Help Your Company

October 3, 2013

So you have a great marketing campaign. You have a flashy website. You have a forward thinking brand and a way to shine as the beacon in your field. So, why aren’t you making more money?

Customer service is an unfortunately ignored piece that is so crucial to the growth of your company. Many brands overlook this key element because they feel it doesn’t return a profit…or so they think. If you give your clients a voice-and work towards servicing their needs-you will increase awareness to your company, and learn how to take care of your clients responsibly.

These days though, as pull-marketing has grown exponentially, so has pull-customer service. What this means is that when a satisfied (or dissatisfied) client wants to voice their opinion, they want to do it on their time. They don’t want to answer a phone call, they don’t want to mail a form back; they don’t have that kind of time. But when the emotion is strong, they want to have an immediate response from you. Here are three ways of making yourself more available to your clients, and listening to them with a new set of ears:

Reaching Digitally-Many brands opt for a customer support line, but those can be costly. Many choose to send out various surveys, and then face a low rate of return. There are also dozens of online tools that can assist you for little or no cost. But perhaps the best way is to send an email. You offer them the platform while making it easy for them to respond on their own time.

Social Media-It’s ok if your clients want to vent on Facebook-so long as they’re doing it on YOUR Facebook page, and not their own. You want to have some control over their needs, and by giving them a forum, you not only allow them to voice their opinion, but you also show your potential clients how you respond to issues by posting a response for everyone to see. At the very least, you must take the opportunity to address the post and handle the situation gracefully. You might also choose to listen and consider the feedback and ways to make your company better.

The Front Line-Use your employees by building a process to pass back customer feedback in a systemized way. Sales reps, delivery/install technicians and service professionals will yield more feedback about what’s working, what’s not, and how your customer thinks your product or service can be improved through simple conversation.

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